We are MOHU partners

We are MOHU partners

You may have heard that as of 1 July, MOL's subsidiary MOHU has joined the waste producers and waste service providers as a concessionaire.      

All waste producers are required to register in the online system of the concessionaire, to whom the changes to the Waste Act apply. MOHU partner portal  

Wastes subject to concession that we treat and deliver: packaging waste (glass, metal, plastic, paper, wood), electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, tyres, advertising and office paper, metal, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs.

Under the new system, only waste producers who are registered in the system and have signed a contract with MOHU will be allowed to dispose of waste covered by the concession. During the registration process, the waste producer must designate Enviszam Ltd. as a partner in order to be able to provide the service ordered. 

Please contact us by phone before submitting a delivery request.   

Inter-production (scrap) waste from industrial production is not covered by the concession. We will continue to accept, transport and dispose of these wastes in the same reliable manner as usual.
In this changed and evolved system, Enviszam Ltd. would like to help all its existing and prospective partners to comply with the new legal obligations.  On request, we will help our customers to find their way through the MOHU Partner Portal. We can also help you with registration and contracting. 

On-site advice, site survey, waste management optimisation

Our newly launched service: waste management and sorting on your own site.  We will assess your waste management system and make recommendations on how to reduce and recover the amount of waste generated. 

We will help you improve your environmental and economic performance.

For a free on-site survey, please contact us for an appointment.